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The 6 big benefits of working with a full-scale production team

Freelancers are handy to have around. When you need a small job done, a specific skill implemented, or a low-budget, quick-fix option, they’re often the perfect solution.

However, when you’re dealing with a large-scale project, freelancers become more effort than they’re worth. With different time zones, different attitudes, and different visions for the project, managers (that’s you!) often find themselves to be the bottleneck for all communications and workflows. With an ever-expanding spiderweb of collaborations, deadlines, and submissions, even the best project managers struggle to keep up.

Let’s take a look at a few of the reasons why working with a full production team will save you a big old sack full of headaches.

Play the system

We’ve been making videos for a while now. Like a crack team of navy seals, everybody in our team knows their roles, what they need to be doing, and when they need to do it.

We also know where problems can occur and have already put systems in place to avoid difficulties further down the line. For example, our storyboarding and illustrations process weeds out any tricky amendments before we get to the production stage, saving time and money during the final animation stage. It’s little nuances like this that make all the difference in stopping your costs getting out of control.  

Jack of few trades, master of one

When you’re dealing with freelancers, it can be costly to source new talent for each job you need doing. For this reason, project managers often like to double down on the talent they have at their disposal. Questions like “can you also write the script?” start cropping up. Suddenly, your animator is also designing characters, your scriptwriter is doing the voice work, and your director is serving everybody coffee.

Whilst this seems like a solid time-saving strategy, it’s likely that you’ll end up with lacklustre quality in many of the key areas of your video. The truth is, an animator is not a creative designer, a scriptwriter probably isn’t great at accents, and your director doesn’t know an espresso from their own elbow.

When working with us, you get professional quality script writing, professional graphic design, professional animation – all because our staff are specialists in their chosen fields.


A better experience

When you have a full team at your disposal, you start to see the project from a different point of view. Rather than spending your time focusing on deadlines, output, and problem-solving, you can turn your attention to top-level issues about the video’s creative direction.

Does the script capture your brand voice? Are your value propositions persuasive enough? These are the kind of questions that you now have time to consider. And, with our carefully considered amendments system, you’ll have space to request changes and focus on the things that matter.

Guaranteed output

If you’ve ever had a freelancer go unresponsive half way through a project, you’ll understand what a nightmare this can be. Not only have you wasted time and money on getting the project this far, you’ll have to spend more time briefing a new freelancer to rebuild their half-finished work from scratch. It can be enough to put your project in the ground for good.

With our production team, this sort of eventuality simply can’t happen. Once you sign on with us, you’re guaranteed to get your project at the end of it. We always deliver.

Service with a smile

There’s one final advantage a production team has to offer; great customer service! With one team, one vision, and one brand behind your build, we have the time and patience to listen to your needs. For us, it’s a delight to be working with you.

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