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Conversion triggers: how to build a quality video script

Explainer videos improve your conversion rate by up to 80% – we all love this statistic here at the studio. However, it’s important to be honest; this is only a half-truth.

At the end of the day, video is a medium for communication. Just as a website won’t make your business flourish by virtue of being a website, a video won’t make you rich just because you have one. The key, of course, is in the content. That’s why your video script is an all-important ingredient to a highly effective animated video.

Let’s talk about some of the key strategies and frameworks that we employ to make high-converting, top-quality animated explainer videos.


Identify their problem

One issue that companies have when explaining products is that they focus on the product itself. Instead, it’s much better to start with the problem, then work backwards to your solution. By identifying a problem first, and then explaining your product in light of it, you ground explanations with context and legitimise your solution.

This is effective for two reasons. One, it creates next-level clarity on your product offering, and two, it creates a bridge between your brand and your consumer – you’ve both recognised the same challenge.


Explain why it matters

Here’s another important point that’s often missed by writers. Problems are only important to the extent that they stop us from reaching broader, more emotionally-charged objectives. By giving additional context to your problem, you can tap into this emotional degree of communication and persuade your audience on a deeper level.


Present an incredible solution

This is where your product makes its entrance. Like a hero jumping in at the last second, it’s here to save the day.

Remember to explain your product in a succinct way and not to get bogged down with the details. The goal is not to give your audience a walking tour of your product and every cool feature; it’s to establish that your product is here to patch a problem and help your audience progress. If you have certain features, however, that distinguish you from your competitors, it’s a good idea to include them here.

Remember, the focus here is on moving your customer from their current state of being to their next goal. Make sure your script bridges this gap.


Explain why it works

Successful persuasion acts on both emotional and logical levels. By giving a detailed explanation of why your product works, we’re appealing to that logical side and creating a cohesive, problem-focussed story that appeals to your audience’s narrative faculties.


Show that others believe that it works

Marketing, at its essence, is the study and engineering of social proof. Stories of successful implementation are some of the most powerful ways of demonstrating social proof, and are often the key to compelling customers to buy.


Direct the viewer on what to do next

The final step, and one that’s crucial to getting your audience to take action. Always finish with clear direction on what the user can do right now to help them achieve their goals.


Breaking down barriers

Something we haven’t touched on here is barriers to entry for your product. I like to call these “Yes, but…” statements.

“That sounds great, but it’s a lot of money.”

“Yes, but how can I be sure it won’t break?”

“Looks like a strong solution, but how do I know my team will use it correctly?”

These are the questions that turn your potential customers into your competitor’s best friends. Try writing a list of the objections that your customers could come up with for your product and use your video to settle them in advance. Think creatively about how you can make a purchase decision a no-brainer for customers.


That’s our one-stop guide to video script writing! Fill out our contact form if you’d like to learn more about quality animation scripts.