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The inside scoop on storyboarding and illustrations

If you’ve never used a professional video studio before, the process can be a little mysterious.

Things move fast when you work with us, and our clients sometimes aren’t sure of the reasoning behind some of our processes. This is often a concern when it comes time to storyboard your video; clients sometimes aren’t sure what exactly a storyboard is, what it’s for, or why we build them.

You see, great pieces of work, whether they’re blog posts or animations, don’t jump straight out of our brains and onto the screen. Instead, everything we produce starts life as a simple idea scribbled on a bit of paper. Over time, our production process adds more detail to this idea until it evolves into a brilliant product ready for delivery.

We turn up the ‘fidelity’ – or quality – of our output slowly so you have a tonne of chances to offer your own suggestions and critiques. By making changes at low-fidelity stages, we waste less time on amendments at the time-intensive stages and get the product to you faster.

Let’s explore how this process works:


Storyboarding phase

Your storyboard is essentially a hand-drawn breakdown of your finished video. We use it to map each shot in your animation and create a wireframe of everything we will need to animate. You won’t see colour or any significant design work here, but you will get a complete picture of your animation story, the voiceover, and how all the pieces will fit together. If there’s anything you don’t like at this point we can change it quickly, meaning our production process is much faster.

Here’s an example of a storyboard we produced for AXIS Computing:

Illustrations phase

Once we have your storyboard, we increase the fidelity with a digital illustration. This will showcase all your brand colours, character models, and high-quality graphics. Think of your illustrations panel as a still version of your final video. This phase is the perfect time to make any colour or graphic amendments. Want to change the colour on your protagonist’s jacket? Not sure about the font we’ve chosen? Now is the time to tell us. This is also the ideal time to check whether your video is on brand.

Now here’s AXIS again, but with complete illustrations:

Animation phase

Once we’ve finalised the illustration panels with you, we bring everything to life in the animation phase. This is the most time intensive part of the process, so it’s important we get everything right in the previous phases. Changing the colour on a hat is much quicker when it’s a simple illustration and not a digital animation. As long as everything is present and correct in your illustration phase, however, our animation process will be nice and fast.

The final Axis video is in production, so we’ll update this blog once it’s ready (it’s looking great though)!



And there you have it! One beautifully animated story that you can use in any number of marketing situations. We can deliver it to you in a range of digital formats – just let us know what you prefer.


If you’d like to hear more about our production process, simply drop us a quick email today.