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Who would benefit most from an explainer video? A profile of our perfect client

We’d love it if everyone in the world used animation to its full potential. The fact is, however, that a quality explainer video is going to be more effective for some businesses than it is for others.

The dichotomy here is less about your industry and the type of business you are than it is about the way you handle your marketing stack. Some companies see branding, image, and design as essential components of their industry presence.

For these brands, marketing assets are an investment, not a liability, and will be deployed frequently and with vigour. A great video, when used well, will “live in a visible spot on a prominent web page (like your homepage), be shared by sales reps, screened at conferences and trade shows, and ultimately become one of the first things your potential customers see about your company”.

Here’s a few traits common to companies that get a lot out of working with us:

They have a complex product

Simplicity can be an elusive prospect when it comes describing your product offering. As an explainer video company, it’s our job to distill complex ideas down into

their bare bones. We hit your viewer with a straightforward explanation no matter how crazy you think your product is.

They take branding seriously

In some industries, your networking abilities are more important than your marketing brand. For everyone else, however, branding is what really brings customers to the table. Our perfect customer is acutely aware of this problem and wants to make an impact with his target audience through a variety of branded media.

They love quality

…and, most importantly, they understand its value. Quality marketing assets reflect well on the quality of your product and justify its price tag. Great clients know how to wield this to their advantage.

They want to be an industry leader

Thought leadership is a big concern for our ideal client, and our animations help them to position themselves as innovators. Top-quality assets give the appearance that a company is ahead of the game.

They’re receptive to creative ideas

The most successful companies go into our meetings with an open mind. They know that the best work comes from a long process of creative trial and error, and they love tossing new ideas around.

They invested in a premium website

To make sure we’re keeping our video in line with your brand, we’ll work often within the scope of your existing assets. This is ten times more effective when you have a quality website in place already. A great-looking website with a quality explainer video is a winning combination.

They’d love to go for a beer after our meeting

We love the social aspect of what we do. Every time we build an animation, we aim to build so much trust and rapport with the client that chilling out together after the job is a no-brainer.

That pretty much sums up our perfect customer – does any of it sound familiar? If so, drop us a line at the studio today.