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How to justify an explainer video to your boss – the top 5 statistics

To savvy marketers like you and I, a quality explainer video is a no-brainer. There’s a tonne of data out there that qualifies the conversion potential of animation and the impact it can make on your bottom line. However, some of us aren’t in the lucky position of having a boss who really ‘gets’ marketing.

For these poor people, we’ve put together some of the best data around to help you convince your boss that an explainer video is the right thing for your website. With this guide in hand, you’ll be able to pitch for your next great marketing asset with confidence. Take a look below and discover the best stats to convince your boss.

Animation brings better conversion rates

The word ‘conversion’ is enough to get your boss frothing at the mouth, so why not start with the big guns.

Unbounce – one of the web’s most well-known optimisation specialists – ran some comprehensive tests with a number of its clients. They found that most reported conversion rate improvements by 20%! That’s a 20% improvement on your bottom line just by implementing an explainer video. You can check out the full study conducted here (

Explainer videos bring the highest ROI

This huge conversion rate increase doesn’t just mean more profits, it also means that your explainer video pays for itself faster than other marketing assets. The Adobe digital marketing blog claims that over 51% of marketers believe video to be their best-performing asset when it comes to ROI. This is because, the study finds, shoppers are 1.81% more likely to purchase when they watch the video than when they don’t. If you can show that your video will pay for itself, your boss is sure to buy into the idea.

Video is taking over traffic

Analyses of traffic streams online show a massive push towards video consumption. Cisco’s Visual Networking white paper estimates that IP video will account for 82% of internet traffic by 2020. This figure is up from 72% in 2015 and is an extremely strong indicator that video is fast becoming the preferred method for media consumption on the internet. If you’re not publishing any form of video content, you could find yourself struggling to compete with the companies that are.

Explainer videos are better for retention

Your customers are only ever going to buy into your value propositions as far as they can remember what they are. For this reason, retention is one of the most important things to consider when choosing the format of your marketing materials. Fortunately, video has you covered in the retention department.

An Open University study of 221 students found that only 11 had a preference for linguistic learning styles. Of those studied, nearly 50% were visual learners with the rest showing no preference for learning styles. Video provides optimally for all three learning groups, whilst text only provides for one.

Video holds attention

You can’t market to a customer that’s bounced; it’s essential to keep them engaged, and preferably entertained, whilst delivering your message. Video does this better than any other medium, with video content extending attention spans from 8 seconds up to 2 minutes ( on average.

We hope that’s given you some useful facts and figures to present to your boss at your next strategy meeting. Drop us a line here at the studio to learn more.