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No, really – how long should my explainer video be?

In a previous post, we spoke about how a user’s engagement level is dependant on the value that you’re able to provide in your video.

A super-long animation that is packed with useful info can keep your viewer engaged for hours. By the same token, a video that is only 20 seconds long will have your customer bouncing in five if it doesn’t provide value.

However, all else being equal, the data tells us that a user’s response to a video is somewhat predictable based upon its length. We do want your user to know absolutely everything they care to about your product and company. However, we really don’t want them to feel like learning about it is a chore. For this reason, there are pros and cons associated with different video lengths. Let’s take a look at some of the now.

The 30-second video – 75 words est.

Our shortest video package is great for social media campaigns as it captivates the audience in a cluttered feed. These videos consist of a condensed elevator pitch, followed by a strong call-to-action and are often used at the top end of your marketing funnel.

Customers often use these shorter videos in paid campaigns on Instagram and Facebook to heavily increase their brand awareness. Be warned though, this video length only gives enough room to highlight the bare minimum of your product, and can’t be used to deep-dive into your products’ complex solution.

The 60-second video – 150 words est.

Shorter videos are often used for brief, top-level explanations of a product. They’re good for explaining simple ideas in a super-direct way and for making sure your viewer is not overwhelmed by information. You’re likely to see these shorter videos on a landing page or homepage to quickly clue in the visitor to what the page is about.

However, shorter videos often struggle to engage the viewer with compelling narrative. To fully communicate the value proposition of your product you may need to build up an image-rich story that helps to identify your solution with the viewer’s immediate challenges.

The 90-second video – 225 words est.

This is the ‘goldilocks zone’ for video length. A 90 second video will give you the time to illustrate specific problems without boring your user to tears. They’re short enough to buzz by without the viewer noticing, but long enough to add a little narrative depth to your story.

If you have a powerful brand with a unique voice, quirky sense of humour, or an interesting story to tell, 90 seconds will give you the space to add that special flare that makes your brand different from the competition.

The 2-minute video – 300 words est.

For many companies, a 90 second video will give you the most bang for your buck. However, if you have a complex technical product, or you want to create space to systematically break down your viewer’s objections to sale, a longer video is the way to go. These videos are best for B2B companies that have long sales cycles and complex value propositions.

Remember, as long as you can keep users engaged, a longer video gives you more opportunity to connect with a viewer’s pain points and encourage them to convert. However, the data tells us that there are clear drop-off points for users’ average attention span. Two minutes is the point where many begin to lose interest.

Whichever option you choose, don’t underestimate the complexity of your product. When it comes to breaking down the needs of your customers, working through objections to sale, and building valuable propositions, you may find that you need to err on the side of length. If you have a great product and you’re able to communicate in a straightforward, engaging way, chances are good that your viewer will stick around for the curtains.

When you’re ready to start using video, get in touch and we’ll organize a time to discuss your video strategy further.