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Why quality websites benefit from video

Here at the studio, we’re pretty biased towards video. Of course, that’s the product we sell, so we’re bound to be enthusiastic about its benefits. To us, quality moving images are a huge asset to any business’ digital presence.

There remains, however, the deeper issue of why we chose to start a video business in the first place.

There’s a growing demand for video assets, and specifically animation, in the marketing space, and there’s a very good reason for this trend. Marketers are a practical bunch by nature and have a goal-oriented mindset when it comes to content creation. What doesn’t convert tends to quickly fall out of vogue. Video is popular because it works on a number of different levels to increase brand value and generate conversions.

This week, we’re going to look closely at the ways video adds value to your digital toolbox.

Higher conversion rates

We really don’t have to hammer on this point, as it’s a pretty well-documented fact that video is more convincing than text alone. The most oft-quoted statistic is that video converts 80% better than text (http://www.insivia.com/why-does-video-convert-better-than-text/), but in all honesty, you’ll have to run your own tests for the true figures.

The more interesting point is why video converts. Our theory is that the more immediate sensory experience engages the imaginative complex of the brain, helping your audience to visualize your solution more clearly. This, coupled with the trust-building effects of great voice work, create a richer, more immersive overall experience.

A simplified marketing message

With more products on the market every day, it’s getting harder and harder for customers to tune into exactly what your product does. If you have a product that needs a little elucidation, video is the absolute, number one best way to communicate. It’s direct, human, and far more engaging than reams of text.

Brand-building value

In a world where everyone has their own blog, text is cheap. Video on the other hand, especially quality video, still retains something of a more premium feel. By deploying higher-quality assets into your channels you give a more professional finish to your marketing communications. When targeted towards the right audience, this can build trust in your business and your product.


SEO friendly

Since 2007, Google has used something called ‘blended search’ to display web results. This means that it blends together search matches on text, images, video, audio – any and all assets that you can deploy into your domain. The implication of this is that, all else being equal, a website with a video will appear above the same site without one in Google’s Search rankings. Use this advantage to give a boost to your SEO and get ahead of your competitors.

Your digital sales person

Video creates space for you to break down your customer’s’ objections and present the perfect sales pitch every time. With a video, you can always be sure that the key value propositions will come across clearly, leading to warmer leads and less time spent on the phone.

Entertainment value

This might not seem like a legitimate reason as far as your bottom line is concerned. However, in the age of 8-second attention spans, entertainment is a valid strategy in maintaining engagement and creating space to build an emotional connection with your audience. If you can entertain people whilst also delivering crucial product information it’s a good bet that you’ll start seeing results. Master the art of entertainment and your video could even get viral like Old Spice.

We’re always excited to talk more about explainer video and animation; drop us a line if you’d like to learn more.